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Friday, January 11, 2013

Shabby Chic Lamp Shades 3 of 4

Ok, here it is. Installment 3 of 4!

No preview image this time; it’s a surprise! lol  Not really. I just started out one way and ended up having to go a whole new direction because of an unforeseen complication.

So, I started out with a camisole I picked up at a thrift store for the lace it had on it.  I decided the lace at the bottom would look really cute hanging from the bottom of this lampshade so I cut off the top and pulled it down over my shade.

I pinned it on the sides and then removed the shade.  I used a straight edge to mark the line, sewed up the sides and trimmed off the excess.

 I had planned to not have to remove the lace from the bottom but the shade didn't cooperate so I had cut off the lace, trace the shape of the shade onto my material and then sew the lace back on.  It was in 2 pieces so I had to splice them together and then do it again after pinning and sewing it around the now smaller bottom edge.

 THAT’s when I ran into my unforeseen circumstance!  I had planned to add a rope of pearl beads around the top of this shade and be done, but when I placed it on my lamp, that I now keep on my project table, I found out that the white medallions on the original shade shine through the paint and the fabric!!!! ROFL  Kinda cool but not the look I was going for with this lace and pearls!

 Here it is without the material covering it.

 You really can't tell they are there with the light off though!

So now I will have to set those aside and wait until I get a plain white shade to put them on.  When I have done so I will post a pic of the finished shade..

In the meantime, what was I to do??  I scavenged in my lace container for inspiration and found two separate pieces of white and ivory eyelet lace that coordinated with each other!  I figured I could put one at the top and the other at the bottom and leave the rest of the shade plain so that the medallions could show through without interference from the decorations.

I edged the bottom with pink ribbon and laced it with stretch cord so that I didn't have to attach it to the shade.  That way it could be washed if it got dirty.  I did the same with the top.  I took thin pink and thin ivory ribbon and laced it through the eyelets along with the stretch cord so that it also would be removable.  I finished the top with a large drooping bow with the ends of the ribbon.



Now when you turn on the lamp, the medallions show through and it looks really cool!

 Bottom Eyelet Lace Trim


So please tell me what you think!

Interested in purchasing?  Click HERE for the eBay listing!

I’ll be right back with the fourth shade, so stay tuned for one more!

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