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Friday, January 11, 2013

Celestial Lamp Shade 4 of 4

Celestial Lamp Shade 4 of 4

Ok, here it is; the last one for today!

I love all things celestial.   I even have my half bath decorated in navy blue and gold suns, moons and stars.  I purchased this celestial material at Hobby Lobby ages ago to cover some stacking boxes (and I still don’t think I've gotten around to that yet! ROFL)  But I decided to cover one of the 3 ugly lampshades with some of the material. (Now, remember, this was BEFORE I realized the white medallions would shine through with the light on! LOL


Anyway, I laid out the material and used a washable marker to run a line from left to right while rolling the shade across the material.  I then cut it out and ironed out the wrinkles.

 Like my ironing board??  ROFL  I DON'T OWN ONE!  I refuse to have a huge piece of covered metal hanging around that I only use maybe once a year.  So instead I put an old towel inside a pillowcase I no longer need and place it either on my work board or on my coffee table on top of the quilt I use there for a table cloth.  One of these days I'm going to go buy a board and make up a small one properly, and when I do I will take pics so that I can show you how to make one for yourself too!
 Anyway, I used ModgePodge to cover the shade and then covered it with my piece of material.  I smoothed it out and folded over the ending edge so that no threads would be visible and wouldn't unravel.  I used small safety pins to secure it to the shade so that it would dry closed.  I set it aside to dry completely.

 I then took coordinating navy blue trim from my sewing stash and cut it to fit around the top and bottom.  I cut off the excess material at the top and bottom and then ModgePodged the trim in place.
 WahLah!  Finished and super easy and quick (except drying time of course.)

And the medallions shining through just adds to the pattern I think! 

So please tell me what you think!

[EDIT: This one SOLD!!!  Gonna have to make some more!]

So that's it for today!  I think these four entries more than make up for the last month of no posts at all!

Now to go get busy with those pillows I keep promising you!  And a couple smaller projects on the side as well.  I need a trash receptacle on my  craft table!  I need to make one! 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

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