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Friday, January 11, 2013

Shabby Chic Lamp Shades 2 of 4

Shabby Chic Lamp Shades 2 of 4

I’m back for my second lampshade installment of the day!
Remember me telling you about those ugly lampshades I bought?  Well here they are; the first of 3.

First I tried spray painting them.  Successful? Not so much. :p

Then I tried paint brushing them.
Much better results wouldn’t you say?  
Now I have a blank canvas, so to speak, to work with!

I found this stretch lace dress at a local thrift store and snatched it up!  Tons of lace for under $3!  Can you believe it?

I cut off the bottom of the dress and pulled it down over the shade and pinned it in place.  I then hand stitched it in place.

Now, what to add to it???? Hmmm…….

I had this in my mind but couldn't find anything close to it in the stores:
The little appliqué in the center.  I had taken it off of an old dress slip and it was the only one I had.

Well, the only thing I could do was make some myself.  So for several weeks, I would sit in front of the TV in the evening with an embroidery hoop of bridal veil illusion stitching little flowers and leaves until I had enough for the lamp plus a few more as some of them didn't turn out as great as the others.  

I’m sorry I didn't get pics of that process but after I had stitched enough I took it out of the hoop and turned it over.  I then used Aleene’s STOP FRAYING
and covered the back of each appliqué completely.  Don’t worry that it starts out white.  It will dry clear and stay flexible.  Once dried and clear, I cut out each one and sewed into place.
At the top I just folded the lace out and trimmed around the motifs so it would resemble a ruffle.

So please tell me what you think!

Interested in purchasing?  Click HERE for the eBay listing!

I’ll be right back with another shade!  Stay tuned today!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!


  1. The lace you were using looked so perfect for your lamp shade. You are really amazing to come up with the idea.



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