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Friday, August 24, 2012

Current Projects

I have gotten into the habit of prowling the local thrift stores. I must say I am surprised at the prices in some of them!  They must think their junk is made of gold based on the prices they are asking now-a-days. I can remember you could pick up stray vases and other glass pieces for .25 or .50 cents each.  Now they are asking $3 and $4 or more!

But I digress (and I do all the time so please forgive me in advance.) **eye roll**

Anyway, I have found several lovely pieces that I see great potential in and have started working on a couple of them. Since I only started this blog a couple days ago, I don't have before pictures for all of them but I will explain what I have done with them so far.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What I'm about

I recently became aware of the practice of “up cycling” old and unwanted clothing and items.  That will be my main topic of this blog.   But in addition to that, I will be sharing with you other people’s work, with credits, that inspire me.

Yesterday I shared the link to my very favorite blogger I have run across so far.  She, with help from her MR, is turning her whole home into a romantic shabby chic masterpiece.  It is gorgeous and I wish I had the money to hire her [although I don't think she has time to do more than she already is.]

She is my shabby chic idol! J

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My first blog post!!!!! OMG

Wow, am I really doing this?  Me a blogger?  This is just way too cool.  I will try to actually post my first REAL blog post later tonight or tomorrow!  I'm too ADD/OCD (not really but kinda) to type freeform.  I have to type it out and then edit first... and edit and edit and edit some more! LOL