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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Adventures in Quilting Part 3

Back to crafts! YAY! ROFL

Today I want to share with you a couple of flannel baby quilts I made for my grandbugs!  It's a real easy pattern too!

Aren't they the cutest???  And that's my fur-baby CupCake underneath!
I used two different flannel patterns that complimented each other.
If you use flannel, be sure to wash it and dry it first as it tends to shrink the first time it is laundered.

You can barely make out ALANO's name.  Stupid me used the same color thread as the color of the background! LOL

You can make out AJ's name much easier, but I forgot to put the top on my J before I started quilting!

I apologize for my monogramming skills.  I've never had to do it freehand on my regular sewing machine before, but since my EX SOLD MY EMBROIDERY MACHINE!!!!!! GRR!  I had no choice but to do it manually.

Oh, and here is my fur-baby!
She just had to feel involved in the process too! LOL

So here is the pattern and instructions:

She used 3 fabrics and made 3 quilts.
I chose to only use 2 fabrics for 2 quilts since I only have 2 grand-bugs!

Now hopefully I get these delivered to them before their momma reads this post! lol

That's it for today!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!


  1. I LOVE these quilts!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Thank you Megan! My grandbugs love them too! lol


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