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Thursday, November 8, 2012

FREE Graphic Monday (3 days late!)

Good evening!  I’m 3 days late better late than never right?

These pictures are from the following book:
Author - PETIT, Victor.
Title - Bagn'eres de Luchon et ses environs.
Published, Date - Boivin and Dulon, Paris and Luchon,[c.1845]

Author - PREVOST, Jean Louis (engraved by ROUTTE, Charles Louis).
Published, Date - Paris, 1805

Author - REDOUTÉ, Pierre-Joseph.
Title - Rosa Rubiginosa Vaillantiana. L'Eglantine de Vaillant.
Published, Date - L'Imprimerie de Firmin Didot, Paris, [1817-24]

Author - REDOUTÉ, Pierre-Joseph (engraved by Bessin).
Title - Rosa indica Automnalis.
Le Bengale d'Automne.
Published, Date - L'Imprimerie de Firmin Didot, Paris,[1817-24]

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