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Sunday, December 2, 2012

More Pin Keeps – Shabby Chic Style

I have been busy working on projects to post here but I keep getting to the end of a project with only the finishing touches to do, and I get hung up trying to figure out how I want to finish it.  Well, that and also I am keeping up with my fave program, “Sons of Anarchy” lol and also reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” OMGosh! lol  In case any of you have read that trilogy and loved it, you might want to see if you can find copies of “Man with a Maid” by Anonymous.  It is very similar to Shades and was written a few centuries ago.  It may no longer be in print.  I know I bought my copy back when I was in my late teens early adulthood, and my copies are falling apart because I've had them so long! ROFL

Anyway, back to the crafts gals! J

I finished some pin keeps and wanted to share them with you.

First, I wanted to make a couple magnetized pin keeps so I went to Lowes and purchased some heavy duty ceramic magnets.  I bought 2 kinds as I wasn’t sure if the smaller ones on the left could magnetize through the thicker china of the bowl I had so I bought a package of 2 bigger washer shaped ceramic magnets.

 I glued the magnets onto the bottom of the cup and bowl with adhesive and then set them aside to dry.

 I then wanted to make a cushion for another cup and saucer I had.   I gathered my supplies of linen for the cushion, lace for the top, batting to stuff it and needle and thread.

 First I hand sewed the center piece of lace, after finding the middle of the square linen.
 I don’t know why it looks pink but it’s not.
I discovered, which most quilters and embroiders probably already know, it is easier to stitch only from the top of the work, rather than back to front.

I then ran a loose running stitch around the perimeter of the square…. 
 …and gathered it while stuffing the batting in.  I then sewed the ruffle back and forth to keep the cushion closed.

 I then ran some adhesive around the inside of the cup, right below the rim and also a dollop in the bottom of the cup and inserted the cushion into the cup.   I then added the other two pieces of vintage lace and sewed them in place.

 Here is the finished pin cushion.  I love how it turned out!  Reminds me of a cup of hot chocolate or cappuccino with loads of whip topping!

Close up of the little pink flower appliqué I added to the top.  It came from an antique, women’s dress slip.  Also the vintage French Alençon Lace that I purchased way back when I re-married my first husband
(I know!.....don’t ask! Right?)
for the custom gown I made myself back then.
(Maybe I can find a picture of it to post. Shhhhh.....)  

I just love this china pattern!  This pic doesn’t pick up the soft pink of the roses very well though.

  Ok, so back to the magnetic pin keep dish and cup.  After the magnets were dry, I tested them to make sure the magnet would grab the pins through the china. 
Here you can see the pink on the cup but the one on the saucer looks washed out. And yes, it is another cup of the same pattern.  I still have one more too!

I decided to not add any embellishment to this one.  What do you think?  Is it too plain or does the china pattern stand for itself?

 See!  They don’t fall out!

 So here is the finished pin bowl.

Look Mom!  No hands! lol

I found the idea for the magnetic pin keeps HERE.

Now, on to the lamp shades I've been working on!  

Hopefully I can post those results later today or tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

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